The Perks of Walking During Pregnancy

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Walking is one of the best exercises that a person can do on a regular basis. For pregnant women, walking can provide several health benefits such as relief from depression and anxiety, boost in mood, etc. However, it is recommended not to overdo it, because exercising or walking too much during pregnancy is always injuries to health. According to some reputed women’s health experts in Northern Beaches, walking for at least for 30 minutes when pregnant is more than enough. Stated below are some health benefits that an expectant mother can reap by walking regularly, have a look –  

1. Relieves stress – Stress is common in pregnant women and it triggers frequent mood swings, ranging from anxiety and depression to happiness. This generally occurs due to hormonal changes. Walking helps to release endorphins, which are “feel good” hormones in the human body. These endorphins can boost up the mood of an expectant mother, especially if you she is having a bad day.

2. Decreases the risk of gestational diabetes – During pregnancy, women have to suffer from high blood pressure, which increases the risks of contracting type 2 diabetes after delivery. It also increases the possibilities of pre term labour. Walking can help to keep the weight of the body under control. It also reduces the probability of developing gestational diabetes.

3. Healthy baby – Who doesn’t want a healthy and happy baby? In order to make sure that baby is born fit and fine, having a walk for at least half an hour everyday is important for an expectant mother. It can also help to control the baby’s weight.

4. Relieves discomforts & aches – Women generally suffer from certain aches and discomforts such as lower back pain, muscle pains, headache, leg cramps, round ligament pain, etc. throughout their pregnancy stage. But a 30 minute walk on a regular basis can help to get rid of these problems.

5. High chances of normal delivery – Walking during pregnancy improves the body flexibility and tones up the hip muscles, which helps a pregnant woman to experience a easier, faster and pain free labor. It is advisable to have early morning walks in order to have a natural child birth.

Apart from the aforementioned perks, walking reduces the possibilities of developing fatigue, constipation, cramps, varicose veins, morning sickness, and sleeplessness as well. So in order to keep yourself as well as your baby healthy, always prefer to have a walk at least for 30 minutes in a day.


What is Threatened Miscarriage?

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Threatened Miscarriage
Vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy is considered as threatened miscarriage. Bleeding is often accompanied with abdominal pain within first twenty weeks of pregnancy. However, the pregnancy continues. It is common among women who go on to have healthy babies during pregnancy. The bleeding that’s related with threatened miscarriage is generally mild and painless.

Signs of threatened miscarriage other than vaginal bleeding may include abdominal cramps and lower back pain. Signs of pregnancy like morning sickness also disappears when threatened miscarriage occurs. However, one thing that needs to be noted here is that vaginal bleeding doesn’t always mean a potential miscarriage. If light bleeding takes place, there is nothing to worry about. It is common during pregnancy but still a doctor needs to be consulted with if any such situation occurs any time.

Heavy bleeding, passing of something that looks similar to tissue, too much of cramping, bleeding or cramping accompanied by fever and severe vomiting are also a few things, which must never be ignored when a woman is pregnant. If the woman suffers from any of these conditions, she must be immediately taken to her doctor for consultation and testing.

The doctor or the nurse is going to ask several questions to the pregnant woman like how far along is her pregnancy, the number of times she has been pregnant, when was the last normal period she experienced, how many living children does she have, the number of miscarraiges that she had experienced before, whether she ever had ectopic pregnancy or if she have used birth control pills when she got pregnant this time and so on. Blood tests, pelvic exam and pelvic ultrasound are the tests that are performed by a doctor to see the stage of miscarriage the woman may be experiencing.

Although there is no way to prevent or predict miscarriage, a few steps can always be taken for improving the chances of pregnancy. They include:

  • Getting antenatal care and following the advice of health care professionals
  • Avoiding nicotine and alcohol.
  • Limiting the intake of caffeine
  • Managing high blood pressure & diabetes
  • Getting treated whenever there occurs any infection
  • Visiting an acupuncturist who deals with fertility, conception and Pregnancy in Northern Beaches

However, there may be several causes due to which the spotting or bleeding may occur. The causes may be sexual intercourse, a problem with the fetus, infection, ectopic pregnancy or others.

Morning Sickness – Getting Help and Treatment

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Morning sickness is quite common and normal during pregnancy. It can affect you emotionally and physically. Your normal life may even go on hold for some time if it gets too severe. You may struggle to take care of your other children, cope up with your work or seeing friends. Telling your family about your situation is going to help you as they may help you with shopping, childcare, cooking and other chores while you are feeling sick. Morning sickness can be so bad that you may need to take time off work, which means you will have to tell your employer and others about your pregnancy a lot more earlier than you actually wanted.
Morning Sickness

Vomiting and nausea are common during pregnancy. So, if you consult a doctor you may only be given some self-help tips for feeling better. However, excessive vomiting can make you dehydrated and leave your body low on nutrients. Make sure you talk to your doctor when the symptoms are affecting your daily life. Your doctor should treat you for severe vomiting because if untreated it may lead to complications.

There are many things that you can do to make yourself feel better or ease your morning sickness. Sleep, relax and take rest as much as possible. Tiredness and stress can make your morning sickness worse. So, you it is important for you to take time off work if you want to feel better. Drink plenty of water regularly in order to avoid dehydration. Drink little but often because that is going to help prevent vomiting. Don’t drink too much of water or any other fluid at once because doing so will make you feel more sick. Avoid sweet, cold and tart drinks. Eat little but often because empty stomach will make you feel queasy. Try to eat cold foods if you think that cooking smells worsens your nausea.

Some women eat ginger for settling their stomach and reducing nausea. Wearing sea-sickness or acupressure wrist-bands can even lessen your vomiting and nausea. Holistic therapies like acupuncture has also helped many cases of pregnancy in Northern Beaches. However, if you want to try acupuncture, make sure you visit a qualified and registered practitioner who is experienced and skilled in treating pregnant women.

How Can Acupuncture Be Used for IVF Support?

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With the growing popularity of acupuncture for improving women’s health in Northern Beaches, now it is also being seen as an effective means for providing support during an In Vitro Fertilisation cycle. Studies have proven that acupuncture administered on the same day as embryo transfer within an IVF cycle can improve rates of implantation, reduce stress and increase blood circulation to uterus.

Acupuncture can be safely used and is very effective during an IVF cycle. Most couples are now resorting to acupuncture for increased chances of conception. For maximum efficiency, many practitioners consider the administration of acupuncture three months prior to the commencement of the IVF cycle. It offers a natural means to optimize the conditions necessary for fertilisation. A preconception program of acupuncture for IVF can ensure that the woman’s body is in the best state to conceive. Acupuncture sessions once a week till egg retrieval and during embryo transfer are also recommended.

To provide IVF support in Northern Beaches with acupuncture treatment, a monitored protocol is followed for a month before the IVF cycle so as to prepare the body for transfer of embryo. Evidences collected from research show that acupuncture increases the rate of success of IVF by:

  • Improving the flow of blood to uterus and the ovaries
  •  Improving quality of endometrium
  • Increasing endometrial receptivity
  • Enhancing reaction to hormonal stimulation
  • Decreasing the potential side effects of medications taken for fertility
  • Improving the density and diffusion of blood to the lining of uterus
  • Relaxing the uterus to prepare and provide for implantation
  • Promoting relaxation and alleviating stress
    The day embryo transfer takes place, an acupuncture session before as well as after the transfer is highly recommended, both of which should be conducted observing a distinct protocol. Treatment with acupuncture before embryo transfer reduces tissue trauma and inflammation. Women treated with acupuncture for IVF are 42.5 per cent more likely to conceive. After successful implantation of the embryo and positive test result for pregnancy, weekly sessions of acupuncture treatment till 12-13 weeks should be conducted for they will help to stabilise and also support the pregnancy appropriately. This is extremely crucial for women who have had miscarriages in the past and with pregnancies achieved using IVF. Some women complained about cramps in abdomen after egg transfer. Acupuncture not only helps to subside this problem, but also any abdomen or ovary swelling.
    Acupuncture for IVF