Do’s And Don’ts During Pregnancy – Part II



If you have read the blog entitled Do’s And Don’ts During Pregnancy – Part I, you will find the do’s of pregnancy. In this blog, don’ts of pregnancy have been highlighted. Have a look:

Pregnancy Don’ts

Don’t drink too much of coffee

There is no need for you to decaffeinate completely when you are pregnant. When consumed in moderation, caffeine does not cause miscarriage or preterm birth. However, this does not mean that whenever you yawn you take a cup of java. Limit your caffeine consumption to less than 200 mg every day. Remember one thing – you can get caffeine from other sources as well – a soda can, a cup of brewed tea and even chocolates.

If you smoke, stop

Although quitting is a hard job to do, but you should do it. This is because when you smoke, your baby smokes too. The nicotine as well as cancer causing drugs passes on to your baby and that leads to a lot of complications like premature delivery, low birthweight, miscarriage, birth defects or even still birth. Smoking keeps the baby from getting the much needed nourishment. If quitting happens to be a tough job for you then acupuncture treatment can really be helpful to you.

Say no to alcohol

Abstain from it. This is because it can cross the placenta & cause birth defects. If you have had it till 6 weeks after your LMP, then there is no risk. But make sure to completely take a break from it once you come to know that you are pregnant.

Seafood to avoid

Fish is a great source of lean protein and the ones like salmon have omega-3 essential fatty acids that are essential for brain development of the baby during pregnancy. But not all seafood are safe to have. Swordfish, shark, tilefish and king mackerel are high in mercury and should thus not be taken during pregnancy.

Certain substances you should not use and be exposed to

Avoid exposure to chemicals and toxic substances, which means stay away from items like cleaning solvents, mercury, lead, paint, paint fumes and some insecticides. Don’t change or clean the litter box of a cat as that may put you at risk for toxoplasmosis – an infection which may be harmful to foetus. Also make sure not to use scented feminine hygiene products. Avoid using avoid sanitary napkins, scented sprays & bubble bath. These products can usually irritate the vaginal area and increase the risk of yeast infection or UTI. Don’t use drugs as well. Inform your doctor if you’re using them. Cocaine, marijuana, heroin, barbiturates, speed and LSD are after all very dangerous for both the pregnant woman as well as the baby.

Don’t douche

Douching may cause irritation in the vaginal area, force air into birth canal & increase the chances of infection.

Don’t take hot showers

High temperatures may be harmful to foetus. It can even cause you to faint. So, avoid taking saunas or very hot baths.
Make sure to follow these do’s and don’ts during pregnancy. They can really be beneficial to you.

If you are aware of any more do’s and don’ts of pregnancy, then please feel free to add your points in the comments section below.


Problems That Make It Harder For Women To Become Pregnant

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After trying for about 12 months, you may see that 8 out of 10 women being able to conceive whereas 1 out of 8 women having difficulties in becoming pregnancy. Basically, fertility drops as you age. You’ll hardly find women becoming pregnant in her first 12 months when they’re more than 35 years of age.

Problems That Make It Harder For Women To Become PregnantThe situations or symptoms that usually indicate that you may have problem being pregnant are as follows:

  • If you have periods irregularly – This basically happens when there is the existence of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or problems with ovulation.
  • If you have had a pelvic inflammatory infection (PID) in the past.
  • If you have unusual pain when you’ve your periods or during intercourse. All these may be because of endometriosis.


This is a complicated condition where the ovaries of a woman are usually bigger. Polycystic means ovaries have several follicles or cysts, which hardy grow to maturity or produce eggs that are able to fertilise. 1/3rd of women nowadays have polycystic ovaries but all of them don’t have PCOS. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is common particularly in infertile women.

Women who suffer from PCOS usually experience:

  • irregular menstrual cycles
  • amenorrhoea
  • acne and too much of hair growth
  • reduced fertility
  • scalp hair loss
  • obesity
  • mood changes

PCOS may be diagnosed by examination, blood tests, history and ultrasound. Its treatment generally includes healthy lifestyle & targeted therapy like acupuncture, medications and hormones.

Ovulation problems

This occurs when eggs do not mature in the ovaries or when ovaries fail in releasing a mature egg. It’s common in women having fertility problems. The possible signs and symptoms include infrequent periods, heavy or light menstrual bleeding and lack of breast tenderness or bloating. Ovulation problems can be treated by managing body weight if it is too high or low, opting for solutions of fertility in Northern Beaches such as having IVF or taking fertility drugs.


It takes place when an infection spreads from vagina to cervix, the endometrium and then to fallopian tubes. It can lead to infertility if it remains untreated. The disease is generally sexually transmitted and occurs when the appendix ruptures or after a bowel infection. About ten thousand women in Australia are actually treated for pelvic inflammatory infection in hospital every year and several more are treated as outpatients. PID has highly been observed in women who are aged between 20-29 years. Use of condoms with new partner & regular testing for sexually transmissible infections may help in preventing PID.

Signs of PID are as follows:

  • menstrual disturbances
  • lower abdominal tenderness or pain
  • a change in colour, smell or amount of vaginal discharge
  • an unusual pain at the time of sexual intercourse


It causes painful adhesions on uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and bowel. The actual cause of endometriosis is however unknown. However, as per the research work that has been conducted over the years, retrogade menstruation & family susceptibility may be involved. Surgery or medicationscan help the symptoms of endometriosis.

Tubal factors also make it harder for women to become pregnant.

Please share your thoughts on the comments section below if you know any other reason that make it harder for women to become pregnant.

Do’s and Don’ts During Pregnancy – Part I

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Do's and Don'ts During Pregnancy – Part I
You can eat this but not that. You can do this but don’t do that. Pregnant women ate bombarded with do’s and don’ts. It’s really hard to keep it all straight.

Pregnancy do’s

  • Visit your gynaecologist routinely. Prenatal care will help keep you as well as your baby healthy. Your doctor may also be able to detect problems if anything occurs.
  • Taking folic acid throughout your pregnancy is very important. You should continue taking it. Women who are capable of conceiving need to get 400-800 micrograms of folic acid each and every day. Taking enough of folic acid actually lowers the risk of birth defects. Moreover, if you take a vitamin with folic acid, you can be sure that you’re getting enough. 
  • Eat a lot of healthy and nutritious foods. Include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, calcium-rich foods and various cooked seafood in your diet. Also take iron everyday. Getting enough iron will prevent anaemia. Tell your doctor to prescribe you a prenatal vitamin or iron supplement, which you should take daily. Drink a lot of fluids, especially water. 
  • Keep moving. Don’t sit and idle and sleep most of the time because you’re pregnant. Unless your gynaecologist advices you otherwise, physical activity is undoubtedly good for you as well as your baby. 
  • Visit a professional acupuncturist during your first trimester and ask for an acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture can really help with nausea, morning sickness, threatened miscarriage, tiredness and lack of energy. Make sure to continue it throughout your pregnancy period. It has proved to be the best treatment of pregnancy care in Northern Beaches. 
  • Gaining weight during pregnancy is good but if it is more than the recommended amount, chances of pregnancy complications may increase.Ask your doctor how much weight you must gain during pregnancy. 
  • Sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours every night. Rest on your left side as that will help blood flow to you as well as your baby & prevent swelling. Use pillows between your legs & under your belly to get comfortable. 
  • Health problems should be treated and kept very much under control. If you have diabetes, control it. If you have high blood pressure, closely monitor it. 
  • Make sure to wear a seatbelt. The lap strap needs to go under your belly and across your hip. The shoulder strap must go between your breasts & to your belly’s side. Ensure it fits you snugly. 
  • Ask your doctor before you stop to take any medicine that you have or take any new medicine. No matter whether it’s over-the-counter, prescription or herbal medicine – all can harm your baby. So, your doctor’s advice in this case is a must.

Our next blog will have a list of pregnancy don’ts. So, stay tuned to our blog space to know about the don’ts during pregnancy!

Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

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If you’re already pregnant, there are a few basic things which you need to keep in mind for taking care of yourself as well as your baby. Do not smoke. Don’t drink. Take enough rest. The list doesn’t stop here. There are many more. Look below:


Exercise regularly. This will help you sleep better, control your weight, improve your blood circulation and boost your mood. What you can do is swim or practice yoga but make sure not to overdo it. You can also practice Kegels. Kegels basically strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which support the bowels, bladder and uterus. Done rightly, this exercise will make your delivery easier & prevent problems afterwards with incontinence. The best thing about Kegels is that no one will be able to tell you that you’re actually doing them. You can practice it in your car, while you’re at your desk or even when you’re standing in line at a grocery store.



Acupuncture is very helpful during pregnancy. Weekly treatments to expectant mothers in Northern Beaches have proved to be most beneficial during the first trimester. It basically helps with nausea, morning sickness, tiredness, lack of energy and miscarriage. Acupuncture treatment every 6 weeks during pregnancy is also not a bad idea up till 34 weeks when pre birth acupuncture starts. This is usually a weekly treatment, which helps in softening the tendons in the pelvis, clearing fetal toxins, softening and ripening the cervix and reducing actual labour time by half.


Change the nature of your chore

Lifting heavy items, exposure to toxic chemicals or coming in contact with bacteria can harm you as well as your baby. So, make sure you don’t do these following tasks:

  • scrub the bathroom
  • clean up pet litters
  • lifting heavy objects
  • climbing on ladders or stepstools
  • using harsh chemicals
  • standing for a long period of time, particularly near a hot stove


Consider your spa style


Pregnancy is undoubtedly the time for pampering yourself but at the same time be careful – that’s very important. Avoid saunas, which may make you overheated. Check with your massage therapist to ensure they use safe essentials oils during your 1st and 2nd trimester. This is because there are some oils which can cause uterine contractions.

Eat folate-rich foods
folicacid food

When you find you’re pregnant start eating a lot of folate-rich foods such as fortified cereals, lentils, asparagus, oranges, wheat germ and orange juice.

fruitsRecharge with fruits

Ceffeine may have harmful effects on you as well as your baby during pregnancy. But cutting back may be tough. So, what you can do is nibble on some fruits like apples and bananas. The natural sugars in these fruits can lift your energy levels.

Eat fish


Researchers found out that youngsters whose mothers ate the most fish during pregnancy had higher I.Q.s and better communication skills than those whose mothers didn’t eat fish. Fish is basically high in omega 3s but some kinds of fish have mercury, which is toxic to both the adults and babies. Pregnant women are recommended to eat shrimp, canned light tuna, salmon, catfish or pollack and avoid shark, swordfish, king mackerel & tilefish, which have high mercuty content.

Acupuncture And Periods

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A woman may face a lot of health complications in her lifetime. One such health issue, which is often faced by most of the women is period pain. If you are one among them, you would love to know that acupuncture works wonders if you are facing any kind of period issue.

Common Questions That You May Have

Will I be in an advantageous situation if I use acupuncture to regulate my periods?

Yes. This is because an irregular cycle basically symbolises internal disharmony. If the imbalance is in the early phase, there can be no other health issue apparent. But if the disharmony is untreated, you can develop other symptoms which may not be related to menstrual irregularity.

Nowadays women tend to view menstruation as something, which is to be ignored or avoided. But practitioners of Chinese Medicine in Northern Beaches tells us that menstrual cycles are a regulating method and a significant indicator of health. By increasing the awareness of innate rhythms & working with cyclical energies, it is not only the connection between mind and body that is strengthened but an improvement of the overall heath & wellbeing is also noticed.

Is acupuncture helpful in relieving period pain?

Certainly yes. Acupuncture can not only alleviate the pain but even correct the disharmony, which caused the pain in first place. Contrary to this belief, pain isn’t a normal symptom of menstruation but a symptom, which indicates imbalance in the body. When this imbalance is treated, the pain disappears.

If it is because of endometriosis that period pain is caused will acupuncture be useful still then?

Yes. According to Robert Bradford , acupuncture is a great way to help women with endometriosis. The treatment stimulates release of the endorphins and promotes & increases blood circulation to pelvic region helping to break down & dissolve the congealed blood clots as well as the masses. Warming effect of the treatment on uterus helps in restoring the natural function of the organ and enhances fertility.

The treatment of acupuncture restores the energy of the body to a much healthier level. They even strengthen the endocrine and immune systems that play a significant role to eliminate stray endometrial cells & prevent recurrence of the endometriosis.

Though it is true that pain may be reduced a lot more quickly this way, treating the main cause of endometriosis & removing pain completely is going to take some monthly cycles. Initially, weekly treatments are recommended followed by fortnightly (every two weeks) treatments until you start experiencing normal period.

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Fertility Drugs Which Can Induce Multiple Births

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Multiple Births

Most of us are well aware of the fact that not every couple is lucky enough to have a successful natural conception. Many couples with infertility  issues often resort to fertility drugs for increasing their chances of pregnancy. However, these drugs can often trigger multiple births by causing a woman to release more follicles during ovulation, which may at times be dangerous.

Let’s have a look at some of those drugs in detail:

Clomiphene Citrate

Clomiphene citrate is usually the first medicine administered by a doctor for treating infertility. It helps to induce regular ovulation by compelling the pituitary gland to produce luteinising and follicle-stimulating hormones. According to surveys, about 5% to 8% women using clomiphene citrate get pregnant with twins or triplets. There are also associated side effects, such as hot flashes, nausea, blurred vision, headache and bloating.

Follicle-Stimulating Artificial Hormone

This fertility drug is generally administered via injection for stimulating the maturity and production of follicles. However, it can cause multiple births by stimulating more than one follicle at the same time and making them ready for fertilisation. Side effects include bruising or swelling at the site of injection.

Human Menopausal Gonadotropin

Another injectable drug used for regularising ovulation, the human menopausal gonadotropin (hMG) works in almost the same way as clomiphene citrate, that is, by releasing luteinising and follicle-stimulating hormones. But hMG bypasses the pituitary gland for providing direct stimulation to the ovaries. This, in turn, causes the ovaries to release multiple follicles that can lead to multiple births. Some common side effects of hMG are tenderness, ovarian hyperstimulation, blood blisters, etc.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

The human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) works by stimulating ovulation and promoting maturity of follicles. This drug can trigger multiple birth as well by initiating production of more than one egg during ovulation. Though hCG can up the chances of successful conception by almost 50%, it may cause the ovaries to become tender and enlarged.

Although the idea of having multiple kids at once may sound tempting to couples dealing with infertility problems for long, the resulting consequences can often cause various complications. Fortunately, there are several alternatives which have proven to be effective in resolving fertility issues. One such natural and holistic alternative is the TCM therapy of acupuncture . In the modern times, many couples are seeing acupuncture as an effective fertility treatment in Northern Beaches. This treatment aims at stimulating the brain for upping the chances of pregnancy without the risk of multiple births or side effects.

Complementary Therapies Against Infertility

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Several studies have shown that one out of every 6 couples suffer from conception problems. Many individuals spend hundreds of dollars on conventional fertility drugs in order to boost their chances of conception. However, most of them are entirely incognizant of alternative therapies that have proved to be highly effective against infertility.

According to extensive research conducted by modern day scientists, various complementary therapies like acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnotherapy and nutrition can help in coping with demands of modern lifestyle and also stimulate reproductive organs simultaneously. They can assist in encouraging conception by restoring imbalances caused in the body due to undue stress.

Let’s have a look at two of the most effective complementary fertility therapies in detail:


Acupuncture is a centuries-old modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine which involves insertion of fine, sterilised needles at specific points on the body known as acupoints. Meticulous studies have proved that acupuncture can be used for treating a wide range of conditions. It works primarily on the context that some illnesses are caused due to blockages in the pathway of the Qi flow. According to what practitioners have stated, acupuncture works against infertility by encouraging circulation of blood at specific points. This, in turn, influences the reproductive organs like ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus. Acupuncture can hike up conception success if administered in conjunction with IVF (in vitro fertilisation). It can also increase the progesterone levels by influencing the endocrine system. Besides that, it is even capable of enhancing sperm quality and motility. Recently, many couples with conception problems have started to use acupuncture as a fertility treatment in Northern Beaches.


Homeopathic remedies, derived generally from plants and minerals, are diluted more than a hundred times in order to ensure that every remedy contains a small amount of the actual ingredients. The various remedies, which come in the form of powders, tinctures and tablets, are said to induce symptoms of a certain condition or disease for treating the illness. In short, they work in a way similar to that of vaccines.

Practitioners claim that homeopathy can aid women in overcoming several kinds of fertility issues from polycystic ovarian syndrome to endometriosis and blocked tubes. For example, women with infertility consuming daily doses of agnus castus are more likely to become pregnant. Not a long time ago, even a German study provided strong evidence that women having difficulty to conceive experienced pregnancy or enhanced ovulation after taking homeopathic remedies.