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Pregnancy Symptoms Which Every Woman Should Know

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Nothing can be more exciting for a newlywed couple than to know that they are going to parents soon. However, not every woman knows how to identify the symptoms of pregnancy. Most of the telltale signs which act as indicators of a successful conception occur during the first trimester. So, in case you are wondering whether you should take the missed period as a sign that you are expecting or not, here is a guide that might help you out:

First Couple Of Weeks

During the early weeks of the first month of a pregnancy, there are not many conspicuous signs except for a prominent one – missing period. A delayed menstrual cycle can very well be taken as the beginning of the first trimester. However, it would be prudent to discuss the matter with a gynaecologist.

Last Week Of 1st Month

In the fourth week, more prominent symptoms would start to appear gradually. They may or may not include –

  • Frequent urination
  • Tender or swollen breasts
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Feeling bloated

Most or all of these things will be part of a symptom known as morning sickness, which is characterised by feelings of nausea on smelling the scent of certain food items or things.

Initial Weeks Of 2nd Month

Around this time, the symptoms of the 4th week will continue as well as worsen, thereby becoming more noticeable. It would get really uncomfortable due to breast tenderness, regurgitation and frequent urination. Heartbeats will be harder and faster than usual.

The 6th Week

In the sixth week of a pregnancy, the existing symptoms will intensify even more. Morning sickness might cause one to experience a queasy stomach, vomit or feel nauseous at any time of the day. Mood swings would hit hard, almost like a rocky rollercoaster. The ache on the breasts will spike due to tenderness.

The 9th Week

This is the time when the belly will start to bloat, and the expectant mother can experience severe fatigue, as the body would work harder to fulfill the needs of the growing foetus. The body would begin to crave more rest and food than usual, so that the baby can receive the right amount of nourishment.

Thus, if you find yourself suffering from any of these symptoms, then it would be prudent for you to get in touch with an experienced professional offering pregnancy care in Northern Beaches. Not only would the expert address the symptoms with appropriate therapy, but also prescribe a diet programme that is health both for you & your baby.

Do’s And Don’ts During Pregnancy – Part II



If you have read the blog entitled Do’s And Don’ts During Pregnancy – Part I, you will find the do’s of pregnancy. In this blog, don’ts of pregnancy have been highlighted. Have a look:

Pregnancy Don’ts

Don’t drink too much of coffee

There is no need for you to decaffeinate completely when you are pregnant. When consumed in moderation, caffeine does not cause miscarriage or preterm birth. However, this does not mean that whenever you yawn you take a cup of java. Limit your caffeine consumption to less than 200 mg every day. Remember one thing – you can get caffeine from other sources as well – a soda can, a cup of brewed tea and even chocolates.

If you smoke, stop

Although quitting is a hard job to do, but you should do it. This is because when you smoke, your baby smokes too. The nicotine as well as cancer causing drugs passes on to your baby and that leads to a lot of complications like premature delivery, low birthweight, miscarriage, birth defects or even still birth. Smoking keeps the baby from getting the much needed nourishment. If quitting happens to be a tough job for you then acupuncture treatment can really be helpful to you.

Say no to alcohol

Abstain from it. This is because it can cross the placenta & cause birth defects. If you have had it till 6 weeks after your LMP, then there is no risk. But make sure to completely take a break from it once you come to know that you are pregnant.

Seafood to avoid

Fish is a great source of lean protein and the ones like salmon have omega-3 essential fatty acids that are essential for brain development of the baby during pregnancy. But not all seafood are safe to have. Swordfish, shark, tilefish and king mackerel are high in mercury and should thus not be taken during pregnancy.

Certain substances you should not use and be exposed to

Avoid exposure to chemicals and toxic substances, which means stay away from items like cleaning solvents, mercury, lead, paint, paint fumes and some insecticides. Don’t change or clean the litter box of a cat as that may put you at risk for toxoplasmosis – an infection which may be harmful to foetus. Also make sure not to use scented feminine hygiene products. Avoid using avoid sanitary napkins, scented sprays & bubble bath. These products can usually irritate the vaginal area and increase the risk of yeast infection or UTI. Don’t use drugs as well. Inform your doctor if you’re using them. Cocaine, marijuana, heroin, barbiturates, speed and LSD are after all very dangerous for both the pregnant woman as well as the baby.

Don’t douche

Douching may cause irritation in the vaginal area, force air into birth canal & increase the chances of infection.

Don’t take hot showers

High temperatures may be harmful to foetus. It can even cause you to faint. So, avoid taking saunas or very hot baths.
Make sure to follow these do’s and don’ts during pregnancy. They can really be beneficial to you.

If you are aware of any more do’s and don’ts of pregnancy, then please feel free to add your points in the comments section below.

How Effective Is TCM As IVF Support Treatment?

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ivfAccording to a study that was published in the year 2002, adding the primary modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to existing protocols of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment can significantly increase chances of conception success. This study was conducted by German researchers over 160 women. Its main objective was to determine the effectiveness of acupuncture in IVF support treatment.

Extensive pieces of research conducted over the years have revealed that drugs which are used to induce egg production can up pregnancy rates by the same percentage as acupuncture. Even in women who are not undergoing IVF, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can up pregnancy success by 50 percent. This is almost equal to effects of the drug Clomid, which has some associated side effects.

In addition to hiking up the odds involved in IVF, TCM can also work for stimulating the production of eggs in those women who do not want to or cannot resort to fertility medications for getting pregnant. It improves the development of follicles for improving egg quality as well as thickening the uterine lining to ensure a smooth implantation of the embryo when an egg has fertilised.

At present, about 17 percent of couples in nearly every nation of the world resort to various treatments for infertility, such as IVF. Depending on the age of a woman, the live birth rate of IVF generally varies from 22 to 25 percent every treatment cycle. It might take about 5 attempts, with each cycle costing as much as $4000. On the bright side, clinical studies have revealed that administering acupuncture in combination with herbal therapy can boost the success rate by 50 percent. In some cases, it even spiked up the rate to beyond 90 percent.

In careful and systematic reviews, it has been shown that TCM reduces miscarriage rate in addition to increasing pregnancy success better than drugs like clomiphene. Besides that, some experts also claim that it can improve the score of cervical mucus and enhance ovulation. In the light of all these evidence and feasible claims, many women undergoing IVF in Northern Beaches have decided to put their faith in the centuries-old therapeutical modalities of TCM. For most of them, the results have been very fruitful as well as satisfying. Not only have they reported about feeling completely relaxed during their treatment process, but also did not suffer from any side effect, a concern which is often associated with artificial drugs.

Treatment of IBS Using Acupuncture

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IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), also called spastic colon is a condition or rather a combination of various symptoms characterised by improper functioning of the digestive system. The symptoms generally include discomfort, abdominal pain, gas, bloating, cramping, diarrhoea or constipation. The syndrome primarily affects the colon or large intestine and may be triggered by reaction to some stressful life event or infection. Although no cure for IBS has been found so far, it is possible to control and reduce the associated symptoms using various therapies.

Acupuncture is one such therapy that can be effectively used for providing relief to a patient suffering from IBS. Many experts of women’s health in Northern Beaches are suggesting that performing acupuncture on specific points on the body can reduce the symptoms of spastic colon to a substantial extent. Let’s have a look at those points in detail:


This point lies just 2 fingers below the navel, and stimulating it can strengthen as well as activate the large intestine. This, in turn, would aid in relieving abdominal cramps, stomachache and constipation. It can also be treated to reduce signs such as bloating, chronic fatigue and cramps.


The St25 is an empowering acupoint for treatment of IBS. It is situated about 2 thumbs away on either side of the belly button. Administering acupuncture on both these points can alleviate diarrhoea and constipation. They can also aid in regulating abdominal blood circulation.


SP4 or Spleen 4 is a functional acupoint that provides several health benefits. It is located near the midsection of the inner foot. Putting pressure on this point can help to provide relief from gastric pain, diarrhoea, bloody stool and poor appetite.


The CV12 is a potent reflexology point that serves to be very effective in the treatment of digestive disorders. It lies halfway between the navel and lower end of breastbone. Stimulating it can help to treat upset stomach, bloating, acid reflux, stomach fullness and appetite loss.


LI14 or large intestine 14 is a highly potent point that can be used for treating IBS efficiently. It is situated just 4 fingers below the shoulder blade, on radial side of upper arm, near the insertion of deltoid muscle. It can aid in providing relief from a wide range of IB symptoms as well as acid reflux.

Unlike conventional drugs used for the treatment of IBS, acupuncture have no side effects. Besides, they can also provide long-lasting relief.

Acupuncture And Periods

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A woman may face a lot of health complications in her lifetime. One such health issue, which is often faced by most of the women is period pain. If you are one among them, you would love to know that acupuncture works wonders if you are facing any kind of period issue.

Common Questions That You May Have

Will I be in an advantageous situation if I use acupuncture to regulate my periods?

Yes. This is because an irregular cycle basically symbolises internal disharmony. If the imbalance is in the early phase, there can be no other health issue apparent. But if the disharmony is untreated, you can develop other symptoms which may not be related to menstrual irregularity.

Nowadays women tend to view menstruation as something, which is to be ignored or avoided. But practitioners of Chinese Medicine in Northern Beaches tells us that menstrual cycles are a regulating method and a significant indicator of health. By increasing the awareness of innate rhythms & working with cyclical energies, it is not only the connection between mind and body that is strengthened but an improvement of the overall heath & wellbeing is also noticed.

Is acupuncture helpful in relieving period pain?

Certainly yes. Acupuncture can not only alleviate the pain but even correct the disharmony, which caused the pain in first place. Contrary to this belief, pain isn’t a normal symptom of menstruation but a symptom, which indicates imbalance in the body. When this imbalance is treated, the pain disappears.

If it is because of endometriosis that period pain is caused will acupuncture be useful still then?

Yes. According to Robert Bradford , acupuncture is a great way to help women with endometriosis. The treatment stimulates release of the endorphins and promotes & increases blood circulation to pelvic region helping to break down & dissolve the congealed blood clots as well as the masses. Warming effect of the treatment on uterus helps in restoring the natural function of the organ and enhances fertility.

The treatment of acupuncture restores the energy of the body to a much healthier level. They even strengthen the endocrine and immune systems that play a significant role to eliminate stray endometrial cells & prevent recurrence of the endometriosis.

Though it is true that pain may be reduced a lot more quickly this way, treating the main cause of endometriosis & removing pain completely is going to take some monthly cycles. Initially, weekly treatments are recommended followed by fortnightly (every two weeks) treatments until you start experiencing normal period.

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Fertility Drugs Which Can Induce Multiple Births

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Multiple Births

Most of us are well aware of the fact that not every couple is lucky enough to have a successful natural conception. Many couples with infertility  issues often resort to fertility drugs for increasing their chances of pregnancy. However, these drugs can often trigger multiple births by causing a woman to release more follicles during ovulation, which may at times be dangerous.

Let’s have a look at some of those drugs in detail:

Clomiphene Citrate

Clomiphene citrate is usually the first medicine administered by a doctor for treating infertility. It helps to induce regular ovulation by compelling the pituitary gland to produce luteinising and follicle-stimulating hormones. According to surveys, about 5% to 8% women using clomiphene citrate get pregnant with twins or triplets. There are also associated side effects, such as hot flashes, nausea, blurred vision, headache and bloating.

Follicle-Stimulating Artificial Hormone

This fertility drug is generally administered via injection for stimulating the maturity and production of follicles. However, it can cause multiple births by stimulating more than one follicle at the same time and making them ready for fertilisation. Side effects include bruising or swelling at the site of injection.

Human Menopausal Gonadotropin

Another injectable drug used for regularising ovulation, the human menopausal gonadotropin (hMG) works in almost the same way as clomiphene citrate, that is, by releasing luteinising and follicle-stimulating hormones. But hMG bypasses the pituitary gland for providing direct stimulation to the ovaries. This, in turn, causes the ovaries to release multiple follicles that can lead to multiple births. Some common side effects of hMG are tenderness, ovarian hyperstimulation, blood blisters, etc.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

The human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) works by stimulating ovulation and promoting maturity of follicles. This drug can trigger multiple birth as well by initiating production of more than one egg during ovulation. Though hCG can up the chances of successful conception by almost 50%, it may cause the ovaries to become tender and enlarged.

Although the idea of having multiple kids at once may sound tempting to couples dealing with infertility problems for long, the resulting consequences can often cause various complications. Fortunately, there are several alternatives which have proven to be effective in resolving fertility issues. One such natural and holistic alternative is the TCM therapy of acupuncture . In the modern times, many couples are seeing acupuncture as an effective fertility treatment in Northern Beaches. This treatment aims at stimulating the brain for upping the chances of pregnancy without the risk of multiple births or side effects.

Can TCM Help In Combating The Ageing Process?

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Acupuncture for Ageing

Among the different kinds of natural medicinal procedures existing in the world, Traditional Chinese Medicine is perhaps one of the most ancient and commonly used therapy in Australia. It can be utilised for improving the overall health of an individual. Nowadays, many people are also trying to fight ageing signs in a natural way by using acupuncture and Chinese medicine in Northern Beaches.


In order to avoid the horrors of botox injections, facelifts and plastic surgery, cosmetic acupuncture is being resorted as a safe alternative age control therapy by countless individuals. Proponents of this natural procedure claim that insertion of needles in various acupoints on the face (particularly those near frown lines or wrinkles) can aid in eliminating several signs of ageing, such as dark circles, age spots, puffy eyes and fine lines. The stimulation that is brought about by the needles makes blood rush to the facial region, causing it to become florid. This is because the induced stimulation helps in developing new collagen fibres under the age spots and wrinkles, thereby reducing their visibility on the skin.

Besides alleviating the conspicuous age spots and signs, cosmetic acupuncture provides a wide range of benefits:
puffy eyes

  • Tightens drooping eyelids
  • Relaxes muscle tone
  • Increases skin oxygenation
  • Reduces visible pores
  • Controls acne
  • Moisturises skin from the inside to give rosy cheeks

There are absolutely no risks of side effects associated with cosmetic acupuncture if it is administered by an experienced and qualified practitioner. The needles used are generally non-toxic, sterile and meant to be utilised just once, which eliminates any chances of contracting infectious diseases.


Many TCM practitioners also use different types of herbal formulas along with the therapy of cosmetic acupuncture for increasing the effectiveness of the overall treatment. The most commonly used herbs include Renshen, Ganoderma, He Shou Wu, Sanqi, Lingzhi, Huangqi and Ciwujia. Many of them protect the body of an individual against the ageing process. Besides that, they also help in boosting energy, regulating the endocrine levels, relieving stress, nourishing vitality, reducing extra heat, enhancing mental agility, augmenting immune levels, clearing out the free radicals, balancing metabolism, combating fatigue, reducing vascular resistance, expanding blood vessels and toning the internal organs. All these things usually have a direct influence on the ageing process and help in following the holistic approach of TCM.