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downloadWhen planning to make some healthy changes in your life, you would definitely not want to have yet another calorie-counting food journal or a book that suggests a the list of effective exercises for toning up the troublesome parts of the body. Right? Rather you would want to look for simple tips to lead a healthier life. Here are some tips for a happier, healthier life. Have a look at them:

Eat colours of rainbow: Eat fruits and vegetables that are found in a variety of bright, deep colours. Make sure you take up these food in your diet along with others. Too much of colour is a sign of loads of phytonutrients, biologically active substances, which protect the plants from bacteria and viruses and give same benefits to human beings.

Exercise the way the kids play: To burn calories, there is no need to rub long distances without…

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Hypothyroidism, Its Effect On Fertility & TCM Treatment

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In the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), thyroid is believed to perform functions similar to that of the kidney instead of being recognised as a specific organ. Hypothyroidism is a condition that commonly affects women aged between 40 and 50 years. Nowadays, however, it is increasingly being found in young women as well. And the condition is having a significant impact on their ability to become pregnant.

Practitioners of TCM claim that the primary cause of hypothyroidism is stress. This is because emotional stress creates a blockage in the path of Qi and prevents it from moving freely. Due to the disturbance, all organs fail to perform their functions as effectively as they should be. Besides that, the Stomach, Spleen, Heart and Lung Qi do not descend properly, rather stagnate at or near the throat and ultimately affect the thyroid.

Hypothyroidism is generally characterised by a wide variety of symptoms and discomforts. Some of them are quite conspicuous, while others can easily be mistaken as mild problems:

  • Tiredness
  • Cold intolerance
  • Weight gain
  • Forgetfulness
  • Brittle and dry hair
  • Puffy eyes
  • Goitre
  • Muscle weakness
  • Reduced mental capabilities
  • Dry and coarse skin
  • Anaemia
  • Oedema
  • Constipation
  • Oligomenorrhea
  • Poor libido

Now coming to the effects of hypothyroidism on the ability of a woman to conceive, the condition prevents the Kidney Yang from providing the warmth that a body needs for growing a fetus. Kidney Yang is the metabolic warmth or energetic fire human beings need for each and every activity inside the body. Deficiency of this energetic fire triggered by hypothyroidism slow down the development of foetus in women, often leading to miscarriage during the 1st trimester. The same problem can also be responsible for recurring miscarriages. It is being cited as a major problem of womens health in Northern Beaches.

Fortunately, Traditional Chinese Medicine can effectively treat hypothyroidism. It has been found that acupuncture,herbs and moxibustion have helped in treating hypothyroidism. These three modalities of TCM can in fact help in warming the kidneys, thereby increasing the internal warmth and fire. This in turn calms the inflammation of thyroid and eliminates all symptoms, reducing stress and enhancing the chances of getting pregnant.

In addition to getting TCM therapy for hypothyroidism, one should also avoid cold drinks and only eat foods that can be digested easily such as broths and soups. This is because with this one would have to use only little bit of energetic fire to digest the consumed food.

What Is Ectopic Pregnancy? Can It Be Cured With TCM?

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An ectopic pregnancy generally occurs when a fertilised egg fails to implant normally within the uterus, and begins to develop somewhere else inside the abdomen, most commonly in one of the Fallopian tubes. This type of pregnancy can result in serious complications such as intra-abdominal haemorrhage, which occurs due to expansion and rupture of the Fallopian tube caused by the growing embryo.

Ectopic pregnancies can be caused due to several reasons:

  • Kinks or obstructions existing in Fallopian tubes from previous infections
  • Absence of adequate protective lining outside the tubes due to low mucus production or excessive mucus thinning caused by progesterone
  • Mucus plugs

The inner walls of Fallopian tubes have a lining of special secretions meant for nourishing the embryo as well as facilitating its passage into the uterus. Under normal conditions, sufficient quantity of mucus coats the Fallopian tubes until about two days after ovulation. During that time, the progesterone levels increase and make the mucus disappear. If the fertilised egg is still in the tube after the mucus has thinned, it increases the chances of ectopic pregnancy. In the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this scenario corresponds to blood and Qi stagnation. The common symptoms of the scenario include breast soreness, headaches and abdominal pain at midcycle.

Ectopic Pregnancy

The worst consequence of ectopic pregnancy is infertility after an emergency surgery or methotrexate injection for stopping cell growth. However, there are certain TCM pregnancy support treatments in Northern Beaches that can successfully increase fertility even after an emergency ectopic pregnancy surgery has been conducted. University researches have concluded that acupuncture administered in combination with Chinese herbal medicine can effectively enhance tubal patency by reducing the size of obstructions in the Fallopian tubes.

In order to counteract the adverse consequences of ectopic pregnancy and surgery, acupuncturists make use of various acupoints like Zhongji, Guilai, Shuidao, Sanyinjiao and Zigong. They also claim that employing sterilised warm needles for administering acupuncture treatment in the second week after the emergency surgery can boost fertility by alleviating the complications of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, a condition often responsible for fallopian tube obstructions and inflammation.

An acupuncture session meant for reducing chances of infertility after ectopic surgery usually lasts for about 30 minutes. In addition to that, practitioners often prescribe various herbs such as Dan Shen, Tao Ren, Chi Shao, San Leng, Tian Hua Fen, Gan Cao and E Zhu to the patient.

Treating AIDS With TCM

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Treating AIDS With TCMAIDS is caused by a virus called called HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). It has a long latent period providing great opportunity for TCM to treat it. Studies conducted using acupuncture and Chinese Medicine indicates that TCM does have some effects on the aspects like improvement of the AIDS patients’ immune & survival quality, extension of the survival time and relief of the clinical symptoms.

The clinical manifestation is quite complicated & includes night sweats, fever, appetite reduction, weight loss, asthenia, skin rash, problem in breathing and extensive lymphangoncus. If infected with HIV, your body will try fighting the infection. It will also make several antibodies for fighting the virus, which may present several defects as well as abnormalities in your immune system.

Although there isn’t any reliable method of controlling this virus there are many ways to improve the immune system invigorating qi & blood, strengthening the constitution & preventing diseases by using elongated needles, finger-press therapy, moxibustion etc.



Needling du and ren channels is the primary way of adjusting yin & yang. Main points on ren channel include ren 4,6, 12, 17, 20, 22 and 23 whereas the main points on du channel include du 3,4,6,7,9,12 and 14. This treatment procedure may nourish yin & yang, regulate the viscera, dredge tri-jiao & improve the appetite. If symptoms present include diarrhoea, four points around belly button about 1” away needs to be needled. Other points like shu/back points with mu/front points, & points on the limbs, may even be needled.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs

This may contribute to nourishing qi & blood, regulating the viscera, strengthening the resistance & eliminating the pathogens. A number of Chinese herbs have proven to be functional in improving the human immune system. Furthermore, the herbs to prevent and treat AIDS are available in more than thirty various prescriptions like xiao chaihu tang, ginseng tang, guipi tang and others. Chinese herbs need to be used in quantity and their strength are to be determined by clinical symptoms. Some of the herbs like bighead atractylodes rhizome, Chinese cassia tree, can be made into fine powder and be put on bellybutton for improving the immune function.

Abdomen Massage

Abdomen Massage

Abdomen is the place from where all diseases come in. Abdomen may make qi of middle jiao flow very smoothly sending up lucid & sending down turbid, promoting the flow of tri-jiao, regulating middle jiao & restoring qi, relieving depressed liver & enlivening the spleen. Thus, it’s very essential in full management of conditions related with AIDS. Areas for massage include lan men, lymphatic points, ren 6 and 11 and a few others.

Causes of Pain As Explained By TCM

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Northern Beaches

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the human body is made up of a number of meridians that transport the primordial energy qi all throughout and help in maintaining balance between yin and yang. When a person suffers from any kind of physical pain or body ache, it is believed that the free flow of qi has been restricted by some blockage in the meridians. In order to alleviate the pain, removal of the existing blockage is imperative so that qi and blood can resume their functioning properly.

The flow of blood and qi can become impeded in any area of an individual’s body – muscles, internal organs, lower back or joints. For instance, overheating and undue indigestion is normally accompanied by sensations of bloating, distention and abdominal fullness resulting from stagnation of the stomach qi, whose free movement is restricted by excess food and drink inside the stomach. In the same way, blood stagnation is responsible for the pain experienced from cuts and bruises, due to the escape of blood from the vessels.

TCM also states that there can be two types of pain – one caused due to qi stagnation and the other resulting from blood stasis. The former induces a sensation of soreness or distention which fluctuates in location and intensity. It can also occur from strong emotional alterations. On the other hand, blood stasis is generally characterised by a sharp, stabbing pain or a painful swelling at some specific point. Sometimes, blood and qi may also become inhibited as a result of their own deficiencies. In such cases, the ache is generally not severe and quite endurable. However, the condition of the victim may worsen if they rest the injured part completely. Movement is important for blood to start pumping through the affected area and reduce the discomfort.


TCM practitioners who use acupuncture and herbal treatments for pain relief in Northern Beaches also state that if a person suffers from discomfort only because of insufficient qi, it can worsen after strenuous exercise or by the end of the day. This is because movement can deplete the remaining sources of qi and make it even more deficient. Same is in the case of a pain that has occurred due to blood insufficiency. It generally tends to become worse at night if excessively stressful activities are performed during the day or when qi goes back for storage to the liver.

How Does A Psychologist Lead You Towards Attaining A Comparatively Better Life?

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A psychologist does not merely cater his or her services to treat people who are psychologically or emotionally troubled. Technically speaking, a psychologist is a well experienced individual who assists people belonging to different social strata to come out of their cocoons and merge their footsteps with the mainstream life cycle. When people resort to the guidelines offered by a psychologist they do not merely look for a professional. On the contrary, they look for an individual who is going to extend his capacities beyond the normal fringes of psychometric therapies and would coax you with a sense of relief that you crave so badly.

Cognitive therapy
Cognitive therapy is the brain child of Aaron T Beck. It is an important tool for all psychologists when they make their efforts to establish some balance in your troubled life. It is a behavioral therapy that helps you change your unhelpful thoughts and distorted thinking. With this therapy a psychologist can restore your self esteem and thwart your depression.

Creating mindfulness through mediation sessions
Counseling and mindfulness are perhaps two aspects that go hand in hand. Renowned and incisive psychologists make ample use of compassionate counseling techniques in order to let people come out of the cocoon of stress, anxiety as well as depression that seems to crush their souls. The practitioners have got their psychotherapy sessions aptly tailored to trigger intense mindfulness even when you might be going through a period of turmoil.

Clinical psychology
Clinical psychology is a very sophisticated stream of psychology and is practiced by astute pros only. In this specific branch of psychology, a practitioner who happens to be a trained clinical psychologist would evaluate people having behavioral as well as emotional troubles. The psychologist will review the history of the patients and then strategies a therapeutic session based on the understanding and information gathered

Anti depression programs to combat stress and agony
Psychologists do render a yeoman service during tough times that beget depressive moments in your life. It is these professionals that turn out to be a steady line of support reinforcing your spirit and skirmishing caliber.

Generating a sense of relief
Surveys reveal that astoundingly great numbers of people find solace as well as relief after they have been through intense counseling sessions. All psychotherapy sessions masterminded and conceptualized by the pro practitioners are aimed at helping you surf and navigate through violent waves in life. They make you feel in control of your situation.

You must be trying to take your shot in the midst of a labyrinth of psychological service providers. The hunt itself could be perplexing and might cause an extra pressure on your nerves. However, trying out the services of a psychologist in Bondi Junction could very well be treated as an option which you will not be appalled by.


How Is TCM Helpful To Us?

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Traditional Chinese Medicine methods of treatment have always earned rave reputation in the entire domain of medical treatment facilities. Their treatment methods are based on the power of healing that originates from inside. Therefore, they do not involve risks like side effects or ill effects on human health. They emancipate you from a spate of physical, mental as well as emotional agonies in an outstanding way. The TCM practitioners do believe in empathetic healing. Here is a discussion which aims to throw an insight peep into the magical powers held by these oriental practices.

Quick fix of menopausal problems

Menopausal problems could turn out to be a significant issue in your personal health. However, TCM treatment methods have got an answer to it. The methods would focus on the application of some essential herbs and food stuffs that would be enriched with ingredients like phytoestrogens.

Remedial support for sleep disorders

While casting a close glance in the cosmos of TCM methods you will find out that these oriental methods have the answer to a lot of crucial health dilemmas that might create a mayhem in your life. However, they are specifically useful as it comes to asking for a perfect cure to your sleep disorder issues  TCM practitioners use proper acupuncture methods that can sort the problem out.  TCM practitioners use proper acupuncture methods that can sort the problem out. 

Specialized pregnancy support facilities and IVF support features

Phenomenal cure is definitely ensured when you are looking for value added pregnancy support programs as well as IVF support programs through oriental method of treatment. Acupuncture plays a key role in the whole process. Expectant mothers can come out of conception problems by resorting to these methods.

Curing smoking and intoxication issues

Addiction is a curse for sure but there is evidently a cure for it provided you make up your mind with iron determination and make your move to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The practitioners resort to natural and painless methods to help you brave through the intoxication issues and smoking problems.

You can say that a great variety of health issues do get cured with TCM. When acupuncture, Chinese herbs and moxibustion make an entry in your life, health issues would be bound to take an exit from your life. A soul satisfying balance is about to be initiated in your life and it is going to stay that way.

Amazing Facts You Should Know About Traditional Chinese Medicine

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tea for traditional chinese medicine

Traditional methods of Chinese treatment have been originated long back in the inner circles of China and they have been known as some of the most effective techniques when combating lethal ailments is a priority. This is the main reason why these techniques have not been confined within the peripheries of China. Rather they have found their niche in diverse communities and societies sprawling across the earth. Traditional Chinese Medicine continues to attract people as there seems to be miraculous remedies for dysfunctions such as insomnia, high cholesterol, chronic pain, depression, cardiovascular ailments, obesity etc.

Moxibustion Techniques :

Moxibustion Techniques

Moxibustion Techniques happen to form an integral part of the entire arena of Traditional Chinese remedial methods. You should know that these techniques work out pretty fine in the form of individualized treatment. The technique evidently has its share of fame in the fraternity of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Castle Hill. Famed practitioners of this technique opine that the technique does its part great by instigating the acupuncture points of human body. Also known as Moxa Therapy, the technique is a specific form of heat treatment which is available in three different modes- needle moxa method, indirect moxibustion and direct moxibustion.

Chinese herbs:
Chinese herbsChinese herbs are highly accredited for the amazing remedial powers which they are supposed to have. There are specific herbs which help you keep a close tab on your physical, mental as well as emotional issues. Making a close foray into the world of Chinese herbs, you would come in close contact with certain vital names such as Gingko Biloba, Astragalus, Yeast Rice (Red), Cinnamon, Gotu Kola, Ginseng etc. All of these herbs have been vital parts of traditional Chinese remedial methods for a wide gamut of ailments. These herbs are used with great success in tinctures, powders, capsules and even teas.



If achieving wellness in life is on top of your priority list then cupping techniques should be the first thing to pop up in your mind. It is believed that cupping therapy can end up curbing your emotional turmoil and physical discomfiture to a great extent. The resourceful technique is practiced in combination with electrical pumps and heat or fire. From technical perspectives, the technique bifurcates in two segments- dry cupping as well as wet cupping. Practitioners in the constellation of Chinese Medicine in Castle Hill would like to believe that both the techniques mobilize and improve blood flow.