How to Deal With Stress At Work?

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How to Deal With Stress At Work

Like men, many women have to face an overwhelming amount of stress at work due to excessive amount of pressure and responsibility. Sometimes, it can seem as if the job is demanding more than one can actually deliver. Even after working intensely for hours, some women may feel like they are not being able to catch up with their work duties, which further increases the stress.

However, there are a number of ways by which women can successfully curb down that stress and cope up with the pressure faced at work. Given below are some of the most effective ones:

Thinking Ahead

Time management is the key to reducing stress resulting from daunting amount of work. In order to eliminate the need to scramble at the last moment, one should start with projects way ahead of their deadlines. The time taken to complete the projects should be noted to effectively manage one’s own expectations as well as those of colleagues. Also, setting the watch a few minutes ahead can help to attend meetings on time.

No Multitasking

Instead of attempting to handle everything at once, like answering emails, organising desk space, making calls, finishing reports, etc., one should focus on completing one task at a time. For instance, finishing reports within a fixed period of time, and then returning to the task of answering emails, can be far less stressful.

Taking Breaks

Some working women have the habit of being at their desk even during lunch time, skipping the meal so that they can have more time to work. Working continuously for 7 to 9 hours can have a severe adverse impact on one’s brain. It is important to take a break for at least 30 minutes and relax. This will allow the mind to decompress and become refreshed.

Emergency Stress Stoppers

These stress stoppers can help to tackle stress on the spot, especially when the mind is racing and there is way too much work to handle. Some effective on-the-spot stress stoppers are:

  • Counting till 10 before speaking
  • Taking 3 to 5 deep breaths
  • Going for a short walk
  • Requesting some time for handling stressful situations

Apart from exercising all the above mentioned tips, one can also consult a psychologist or a professional counsellor for dealing with stress more efficiently.

Jade Couquax is a trained and experienced French psychologist practising in Bondi Beach. She deals with various kinds of mental health problems in women and helps solve relationship issues in couples.


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